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Week 1: How to control small expenses

The way I control my small expenses is by turning off the temptation, that way if I see something that I haven’t planned on buying, I would get myself together and look at it as a not-worth-it item. When you go to a store and you have a list of items that you need or want to buy, try focusing on just the shopping list so you won’t have any problems with getting more stuff than you should be. If you are broke on money and you just decide to waste that last set of money you have on games, music, other apps, and etc; then that’s a waste, try saving them up and you never know when you might need the money that you were just about to waste. Just think about it, if you see something that’s attractive to you that you might think “oh well it only costs ten dollars it wouldn’t hurt to get it” but before you make that purchase think really hard on it first, is it really worth buying, is it something that’s going to make a good use every day, will it not be a waste of an item, if you truly think it’s worth buying then sure go right ahead, but if it’s not worth buying try saving those ten dollars for something that might be of great use instead. In conclusion this is how I control my small expenses.

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