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Three stories I’d include in my autobiography

The first story I would like to share is my Unexpected Adventure Across the Border in Canada. While my relatives from russia were still vistiting us, we decided to take them to the Niagara Falls. They were so excited because they never saw the Niagara Falls before. Days later it was time for us to drive there, our plan was to drive there early, explore the place, and drive back home safely well, not necessarily in that order. It was about a six hour drive there and once we got there the weather suddenly got nice. We went around the waterfall a couple of times so my Aunt love (lyuba) and my cousin Angelina took some pictures as a memory. Hours passed by quite quickly and we were starving, since my dads best friend lives nearby he invited us to a resturant. My dad put the address into the GPS and we started driving. There was a bit of a traffic that day and we were a little behind. When we were almost out of the traffic i noticed the signs were in french language. Ovre and ferme which meant open and closed. In my mind im like “well thats strange why would it be written in french” as i was thinking my aunt and my dad were having a conversation about canada and how some people there speak french, then came a sudden thought in my head that we were just about to enter the Canadian border! My dad figured that out as well and he started to ask people to let us go back but it was no use were stuck in a traffic. We had no choice but to enter without any passports. The police stopped us and took us into the building nearby. Since my aunt lived in russia it was an even harder situation because her russian passports were at our granparents house (where they stayed at). While we were sitting and waiting, my dads friend decided to leave because he couldnt book a place in the resturant for too long so he left after couple of hours of waiting for us. It took probably 3 hours (if my memories are correct) that this process took us. We were so relieved and happy to finally leave that we forgot how hungry we were! Immediatly we drove to subway and ordered our sandwiches as we told the cashier our dramatic story. After this trip I think we learned something from what happened. People make mistakes sometimes, but what are mistakes for, correct we learn from them. And everytime I think about all this I laugh and share about it and now you know why.

My second story that I’d like to share happened recently actually, its about Stuck in the Car situation. So one time at friday my dad left with my siblings out somewhere and I stayed with mom at our grandparents house. My aunt Anna needed some infant formula so me and mom drove to the nearest Rite-Aid store to buy a box of infant formula. When we got to the car a strong smell of gas came our way and we noticed that something was leaking under the car. My mom was afraid to turn on the car because it was gas that was leaking and if she turned on the car it would have exploded. Ok I know that sounds dramatic but if you think logically it would make sense. We called our grandpa and he drove over to see what was going on. He said that the car wont explode it could just start a small fire instead. He said that we could drive his car back at his house and he would drive our car. My mom was too afraid of letting him drive the car so mom called dad and told him to call the Triplelake so they can take the car to our house. We drove in my grandpas car back to his house then dad came and drove us home. Later in the night a huge truck came to our street, me and my siblings looked out the window to see what was going on. It was the Triplelake that came with our car. And my dad said that our mom has a big imagination and was exaggerating about the explosion thing. Right now the car just sits in our house until we find to right time to fix it.

Lastly the third story I’d like to share is Lost in Kennywood. This story begins when we were at kenny wood. Our family was having a great time until we split up in two groups to different rides. My dad took my brother and my sister to find a place to eat our lunch and my mom took me and my other sister to ride the Volcano after the ride my sister and mom told me they would go with dad and I can stay and ride some more. When mom got to dad she asked ” wheres our son” my dad answered “wasn’t he with you?” mom started to panic. I mean who wouldnt panic when your son/daughter went missing. After a couple of rides I came over to mom and dad. And they both asked me “where’s your brother?” I said “I dont know” we looked all over the park until i started to think like my brother. If i was my brother what would I do. If he was with dad he might have gotten over with mom to the volcano and forgot to tell dad. I shouted, “I think I know where he is.” We rushed over to the volcano and there he was riding in the volcano. I spotted him up there in the highest seat. When the ride was over mom rushed over and hugged him really tight, and said, “dont scare me like that again” I asked him “why did you go there by yourself?” He said “when I came the ride was just about to start, I thought you might be already sitting there, I went to the empty waiting line and the person in charge letted me in. So I guess I was riding there and didnt know you all were looking for me.” After that day we agreed to not remember that incident again because my mom doesn’t like to remember the way she panicked.

In conclusion, these three stories I would have chosen to put into my autobiography. I hope you learned something from them or at least I hope you enjoyed reading it.

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