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Why running my own business is a way to guarantee my employment in 2030

Running your own business can mean different benefits. It can be robot free if you choose, running a business can improve things in life, you can choose the way you want to run it and noone can judge you.

One of the benefits is that you dont have to worry about being taken over by robots. Thats already your choice if you want your business to include automation. Future jobs are going to include a lot of automation. Meaning that the whole place will be filled with robots and machines and absolutely no human labor. This is very bad for people who worked there, they can lose jobs and only because the robots took over. Now thats crazy, but places like amazon believe in automation otherwise. For instance, amazon believes that robots can be used to help us not over come us. Meaning that robots can be there to help us move things around or help us find what we need. Amazon believes that automation can be used in a good sense so it doesnt take over our jobs. This is why running your own business can prevent from this problem happening.

Secondly having your own business can help improve things in life. That is if you run it in the right way. If you run a business to earn fame or money, your going to feel empty in the end. But if you run a business to help others or to fulfill someones request. Your going to feel good and motivated while running your business. There’s a saying “Its better to give than to recieve.” So your business will improve only if you have good intentions for it.

Lastly running your own business means that you are the boss, you make your own orders, and you run it the way you think is right, so noone can tell you if its right or wrong. Your success depends on the choices you make. Being wise is also very important when you run a business. For example, hiring employees, how much you earn then pay your helpers, or even how much you sell your products to get your part of the money.

In conclusion, running your business guarantees your employment in 2030 by not having automation take over your business, improving things in life, and choosing the way you run it, for your success depends on what decisions you make.

2 thoughts on “Why running my own business is a way to guarantee my employment in 2030

  1. You are doing very good


    1. With the essay? Oh really? Thankyou!


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