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300 word essay on “Morality of work and Wealth”

Having wealth and being rich can be (in my opinion) immoral and moral at the same time, depending on how you look at it. For example, if you are having a business just to have that name, fame, a lot of money, have mansions, and etc. then yes that would be immorally wrong of you. Because, while you sit on your couch watching TV and enjoying yourselves, other people can have problems with money or a lot of people don’t have money at all! If you develop business to actually produce what is use full to people and with the money you earn, giving to charities or something, now that’s moral of you. In my opinion it is fair that some people have more wealth than others because people who have wealth work harder than others. Being rich just means that those people worked harder to achieve that success that they’ve earned. As for the people on the poor side just means that these people were not serious when it came to studying. Its really simple how this all works, “if you study you gain if you don’t you drain.” Being rich and morally worthy is a very good sign and to the eyes of other people you’ll be a role model to everyone. To live a moral life is to make an honest earning, be kind, and let your word be as good as gold. It can’t be immoral to be wealthy if one hasn’t done anything wrong to gain their wealth. However, if one is harming others in the process, then this would be considered immoral. Thieves, scam artists, and etc. This is why being wealthy doesn’t mean you’re a selfish person or whatever it’s what you do with your wealth that determines your true value.

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