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Lesson 25: “How can the strategy of going the extra mile help me attain these goals?”

Going the extra mile can help with many things like, give extra information. For example, when researching something for a school project and when your done, going the extra mile can help you find out more about that someone or something you’re researching. Also, if you’re exercising and you’re done running for the day, running for 5 more minutes can really help you feel more good about yourself. When speaking business and for example, creating products to sell at your shop and your finished creating the amount ordered, you can try creating a bit more and you never know that this could be really helpful. Sometimes when you go and close the shop down and there are several customers left, don’t be rude and shut them down but even when you feel tired help them out. This can not only help you earn extra cash for the day but it will wake the customers happy that you gave them your attention at the last minute. So going the extra mile is super use full and helpful and you never know when all that extra work could be worth it!

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