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Lesson 25: What story I remember the best from Lehrer’s autobiography

The story I remembered the best was the time when Lehrer had a heart attack. When he was sent to the hospital and woke up he freaked out because he swore to himself that he’d never go to the hospital. He had that trauma of hospitals because he saw his dad dying on the hospital bed. Months later his mother died at a hospital and Lehrer was all alone in his family. Since those tragedies Lehrer swore to himself that he wouldn’t go to a hospital even if he was terribly sick. He had quite a few arguments with his wife about this topic. His wife kept saying things like, “why can’t I take you there, you’re very sick and I can’t just sit here and do nothing you wanna die or something?” And he still wouldn’t let himself go there. he said things like, “oh those hospitals don’t do anything all they do is give food, TV, and a bunch of trash that can lead you to your death and you may not know it.

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