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Lesson 25: What is the turning point in my life?

This might not be that big case for some of you but it is a big case for me. So all my life I’ve been going to a public school and just this year I began this homeschooling program. Some likes and dislikes about this whole thing is first what I don’t like is that in public school you get to associate with students your age and you do partner projects. I really enjoyed working with different people at school and finding out how each person thinks about solving problems or cases. Also that means we’re stuck with our siblings in the house 24/7, but some things I like about this huge change is that in public school for example, in 8th grade when we were supposed to learn algebra, we just ended the school year with just learning a little bit of probability and statistics in math. My parents say that the public school system is manipulating dumb kids. But when kids are smart it’s hard to control them, that’s one of the main reasons, actually, why we dropped out. Another reason I like about this change is that we get to experience a whole new thing. Being in home school means more free time to think about your calling in the future. Also, in home school you can work on your own pace and you wont feel left behind in your studies like many teachers at public school do. So this is (to me) the biggest turning point in my life so far I hope you learned something from my likes and dislikes about this turning point or I hope you at least enjoyed reading this little essay!

1 thought on “Lesson 25: What is the turning point in my life?

  1. I did 😊


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