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English Lesson 30: “Describe the choices that led him to the failed assignment.”

Sergei Kourdakov was a man born in Soviet Union, in Russia. He wrote a book called “The Prosecutor.” Kourakov grew up believing in Lenin’s belief of communism. The story began of how he escaped a ship from the russian democrats. He nearly died but he survived. Back to when he was a child, his grandfather became anti-communist. He was a good man an innocent one. But Kourdakov’s dad sent his own father to a very cold place in Russia called Siberia. Thats because Kourdakov’s dad was a communist and since the grandfather was anti-communist he was executd to Siberia by his own son. Months later Sergei’s dad died then shortly after his mother died. Sergei officially became an orphan. The communism people found Sergei and they sent him to a communism home for children. Growing up there wasn’t so sweet at the time, not for everyone nor for him.

 Also while growing up in a terrible neighborhood, Sergei was bullied quite often. As a teen he taught himself self defense, which led him to beat up the lieutenants and later became “King of Barsevo” at age 14. When Sergei became an adult, he started to train 1,200 cadets so they can be disciplined well. Sergei had to leave the job for awhile, to become the leader of the “Special Police Group” in this group he gets paid a lot more and they do assignments that the regular police don’t have time for. For a very hard mission Kourdakov went to a house and grabbed two men then took them to the head of the special police group. He didn’t torture them nor did he beat them up. The victims were silent the whole ride. Nik told Kourdakov that he doesn’t need the men, so he then stated, “You failed the mission.”


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