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Personal Finance my income record keeping

 In this essay I will tell you three things about my income . Those three things are how long did it take for me to save a lot of money, what I spent it on, and what I want my future savings to look like.

     The way I get money is by writing short stories, reading books, or by writing essays (not for school) assigned by my parents. Every time I get my money I’m always trying to reach that one goal. I really wanted airpods for $150. I told my parents reasons why I should get them. I said that instead of buying cheap ones that last for weeks I’d rather spend $150 on something that would last me for probably a year or more (thats what I think at least). My parents were convinced enough but still asked, “isn’t that still too much for a good pair of ear phones?” They then said if thats what I think is better then I can get them. It’s my money after all. 

     Months later after saving even more than the desired amount of income I realized that I needed a laptop for my studies rather than a used ipad, so despite the fact that I really wanted/needed airpods I knew that laptop had to come first. So I ended up using all of my money to get myself a new laptop. Of course my parents helped finish paying it off and I’m really grateful for that! Right now I’m just earning as many cash that I could possibly earn so I can buy the things I would need later on. Who knows maybe I can finally get myself a pair of airpods!

                                        I hope you enjoyed my essay!!!


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