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English 1: “Which is most important in writing dialogue from memory: accuracy, succinctness, or liveliness? Why?”

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The most important thing (in my opinion) in writing a dialogue from memory is having clarity because, when writing a dialogue from your memory, you want the reader to know that it came from your memory. Accuracy is important as well because, you want to include, in the dialogue, exactly the way you would remember the event or thing. It would also be helpful to add in succinctness to make your statement more shorter and clearer. When talking ’bout liveliness it’s not really necessary, for me at least, I think this because not all dialogues have to include that energetic/excitement feeling. I mean sure you can have liveliness in your dialogue but, not every dialogue has that uplifting feeling. More like a neutral feeling depending what your trying to implement on.

Ok now why in the world would we include things from our memory to our story? Its pretty simple, adding real life details that you’ve seen with your own eyes can help the reader visualize what you’ve seen, heard, or read. This also helps develop your story and the reader can connect the dots on what your trying to tell them. Also, saying things from your memory can add that spice to your story, just as well as it can be entertaining. So in general adding accuracy, succinctness, liveliness, and most importantly clarity can all do a big role in writing dialogues. All those things are really important for writing a dialogue right from your mind. I really hope you liked my essay!


9 thoughts on “English 1: “Which is most important in writing dialogue from memory: accuracy, succinctness, or liveliness? Why?”

  1. Great job anastasia. How was ur chismas

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    1. i spent time with y fam and we played some games/watched movies, it was rlly awesome! we had a good laugh and good time! HBU? Hows ur christmas?

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      1. Its was good i spent time with fam and friends did school and spent lots of time with my dog

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      2. I saw u update ur blog. It looks cool.


  2. haha thx but i kinda need to work it more


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