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Personal finance Lesson 40: “How to turn a smartphone into a financial management/business management tool”

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You can turn your smartphone into a financial tool by installing some helpful apps (as mentioned in the lesson video). For example, (this isn’t mentioned in the lesson video), if you’re having a business and you’re part of a group team. I recently found this app called “” its an app where you enter your team’s name and work. If you complete a certain work you can easily “check mark” it out. You can also track down what your teams been up to and what assignments they’ve completed. I think you should check it out it’s a pretty useful tool! Also for a management tool, and I don’t know if this was mentioned in the lesson, but this great tool is called the Mint app from Intuit Inc. and it’s absolutely free! It’s an effective source for creating your budget, track your spending, and getting wiser/smarter about money. Super useful tool I’d say! And these tools are just a brief explanation of the 2 interesting worth-trying-it-out tools that can help you in business and track your income and many more. There’s many more apps that are useful for business/management as well; but for me, these 2 tools sound more appealing to me. Hope you liked this short essay on tools that will easily help with business/management in your future!


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