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Personal Finance Lesson 45: “Getting in Shape for Less: How to Save Money on Athletics and Exercise”

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Getting in shape for less? Well, we all know that exercise is very important, right? A lot of people exercise daily to stay in shape even. So, for the people who exercise daily would choose more of a professional road. As for the people who don’t exercise daily, they would rather keep it simple and stay at home or go outside in their backyard. Lets talk about about the costs in general for athletics. If you’re in a particular sport, lets say soccer, you can’t just come to the practice unprepared. The coach(es) will expect that you wear a proper outfit for the practice. Even if the practice takes place indoors, you still have to wear a proper outfit. If bad weather occurs like, light rain, you would bring a jacket. Alright, now lets talk about the stuff you might bring to a practice. For soccer, you might be required to bring in a ball. Sometimes you might have to get yourself a pair of safety gears (if required, most of the time optional). If you don’t have these things you would have to pay for them. When choosing the right props you would want the item to last long and to provide good quality. These good quality props can be very expensive so if your a beginner you’d probably get the decent costing props, and if your an experienced player and already good at playing the sport, you would get the expensive ones to last you long enough.

Now lets say you work out. You start by working out at home and then you have thoughts on paying membership at the gym. Before making this decision, is it really worth paying for gym? Are you going to work out every day at this gym or are you going to use the props the gym provides? If not then, you are just going to waste money every month by simply not going to the gym. If you are, however, going to work out everyday there then, the gym would have a good use for you. But it’s always the best to keep things simple and do workouts at home. Instead of running a treadmill the gym provides you can run outside or even on a treadmill that you may have at home. Instead of using some of the props the gym provides, see what you can find at home that will do the job just as any prop that the gym can provide. You can also just do some exercises at home on the floor/mat. This will be cost free and you will get benefits from working out at home :). I hope these tips will help you figure out whether its worth paying for membership or working out at home and the differences between expensive athletic props and the cheap costing props.


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