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English 1 Lesson 45: “Which were the key incidents that led her out of her prison”

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Helen was an infant (at 19 months old), born in Tuscumbia in Alabama, whom had a terrible illness that led to her loss of her sight and hearing. She was always in stress because no one understood her. One day the parents have had enough with her yelling all the time. They sent her to the inventer of the telephone (Alexander Graham Bell) whom successfully communicated with Helen and they both understood each other. As Helen returns home she meets this new teacher by the name of Anne Sullivan. She is the teacher who helps people who are blind/deaf. Miss Sullivan taught Helen how to read, speak, learning about nature, and know more the surroundings around her. Helen was filled with excitement and joy for having to understand someone and to know more about the world around her. There was a center in Boston, Massachusetts where girls like Helen suffered the same problem. Helen was super excited to have new friends whom were girls and who were also blind.

As Helen adjusted to this special blind school for girls, she explored places like the ocean (has a very good description of it even though she hasn’t seen or heard it) she also explored England during winter. One time Helen fell off a tree and then realized that nature isn’t so friendly after all. She also experienced some hitting accusations, and therefore couldn’t bring herself to write to anyone. Fear overpowered her strength in writing because she was afraid of copying someone else’s words. But that still didn’t stop her from writing, so she continued her short stories along with her official autobiography. The key incidents for Helen was that there were people like Alexander, Miss Sullivan, and the other teachers of the special school, which led Helen out of her darkness and instead guided her into light. Helen has accomplished so much in life such as communicating with others, learning to read by using braille, and learning to speak by touching someones face/throat and feeling the vibration of their voice. She has done so much while being deaf and blind.

Thats all for my essay today hope you enjoyed reading it.


2 thoughts on “English 1 Lesson 45: “Which were the key incidents that led her out of her prison”

  1. Hey Anastasia it’s Jake! what grade are you in? I now this is english one but are you like in grade 10 and just a little behind on english or are you in 9th grade? and I though your short article was pretty cool

    Liked by 1 person

    1. oh haha thx!! lmao and rn im doin both 9th and 10th grade subjcts togather dont ask how i do that xD
      and im 15 years old
      how old are u?


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