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Business 1: What was the 20% of this book that has influenced me most?

What has influenced me the most throughout the 20/80 book

The Breakthrough Principle of 16x by Richard Koch has many notable sections in-between the pages about how to simplify your work and gain better outcomes. It explains the 80/20 principle, a method of which you can single out a quality aspect of anything and gain more efficient profits by focusing on that aspect rather than a poor quality aspect. Letting the reader know that quantity can be surpassed by quality in anything and how 20% will mostly equal an 80% outcome for anything. To me, this book was refreshing to read considering the topic is something that is commonly known but not enough to stand out publicly. I’d say the whole book influenced me but to point out a specific section I have to say that chapter 6 mainly stood out to me. Already understanding the 80/20 principle from the rest of the pages, chapter 6 or “Do it your own way” sealed the deal with me. It let me realize that I have a better chance at enhancing the way to my goals by actually putting the things I am good at to use and to focus on that more than something half-baked that I might try. This chapter mainly influenced me by some could say “giving me hope” and by giving me a solid point to actually keep myself in check with what I do and attempt in order to try and grow myself, also allowing me to remember the 80/20 principle easily.

Thx for reading hope you enjoyed my opinions and what influenced me by this book!


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