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English 1: “Has any piece of literature affected you in a major way?”

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When it comes to literature, this can affect me emotionally but i won’t react to it physically. Depends really what this specific literature brings.

For example, the story about kourdakov got me really thinking and fellings things about him. Like “why would he do that? Its terrible” or “wow that’s really considerate of you Sergei” when kourdakov did beatings to believers, that kinda scares me even if i just imagine it. How believers suffered and lived throughout their lives. Just me imagining on Sergei’s place is already something I don’t want to see. Or when I read things like when Sergei asks for forgiveness and he gives his life for Christ, it wasn’t easy for the believers to forgive someone like him. The believers, however, knew that Jesus forgave all people by dying for us on the cross and shedding blood for everyone. This Jesus that they believe in did this out of pure love for us. So they gladly forgave Sergei. My point in this, was to tell you guys that stories can bring such emotion to you. For me personally, i experienced a lot of happy moments in the kourdakov’s autobiography. I also felt anger, a lot of sadness, confusion, and etc. Test yourself and see how much emotions you can get out of reading such stories like this autobiography.

Same goes for Helen Keller’s autobiography, I’ve experienced mostly happiness for her because she achieved so much while having this unexpected illness. While being blind/deaf I was quite fascinated in her amazing skills of memorization. The way she describes every little detail in her autobiography. I’ve felt nothing but blessed and happy for Helen for she has accomplished so much and all that due to her being blind/deaf.

I hope you enjoyed my thoughts on this essay and as always thx for reading!!


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