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Business 1: Which three time-allocation changes could increase my productivity the most. Why?

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The three time-allocation changes I would change to increase my productivity are; Put 60% of my time for Math/Physics, 20% of my time to research about my future calling, and 10% of my time thinking through about my decisions as of now and the decisions I would have to consider thinking about my future, write things down and doing what I love to do while I’m at it.

Firstly, the 60% of my time for Math/Physics is something I have been doing lately. What I mean by this is that, this is my main struggle, therefore I have to put most of my time really learning about these subjects. As I do my daily classes, I listen to the lecture while writing notes down (well not really I kinda just copy down some of his presentation) and I realized that by writing down what he says doesn’t actually make me understand the concept. For me to understand anything I have to really listen and listen to it again if I have to and the main secret here is to write notes in your OWN words. This might seem simple, yet, very important rule. Lets say you listened to the teacher, you are confident that you can explain what you’ve learned to others, and write notes in your own words (which proves that you really understand the topic) then you can really improve your way of understanding things. Unlike other people, who lets say listen carefully to the teacher, trying really hard to understand what he/she saying, and (doing the big mistake) copying the teachers notes. Then, later in the day when you get to studying, you would have to learn what you “learned” in class all over again and at the same time getting the topic to stick in your head. First off, why the heck do that? Why would kids make headaches themselves by copying notes, not really focusing on the topic, and have bunch of stress out of maybe personal things. Now that is an example of not serious studying and extra stress. Be simple, give all your attention to the lecture, try to really understand the concept, write down what you’ve learned in your own words and as simply as possible. When these people get to studying, they already understood what they’ve learned all they gotta do now is make that stick in your head.

Secondly, 20% of my time shall go into research. Specifically, my future calling because, everyone has dreams to pursue, talents to keep practicing, plans to keep investing for, and 20% of my time will go to research to learn more about this job. What this job will require, what it takes to be in this job, what to sacrifice to receive this job. The more research I do the more answers I’ll receive and the more I start to love the job. The reason why this increases my productivity is because while doing the usual academic subjects, whenever I need motivation, the job that I would like to get into would give me that motivation, that push to make me go forward and keep learning for the sake of investing more time learning more and more about your future calling.

Lastly, 10% of my time will be the decision making process. This doesn’t take a lot of time but it takes some time to just sit and think about some difficult things. For example, to receive success in your future you’re gonna have to go through some challenging obstacles (I think everyone knows this) this is so because, how can you learn new things without going through something tough which tests how much of that inner strength you really have inside. If people have rejected your ideas lets put this in a business sense and you feel really down as if losing hope in whatever you’re trying to prove to people. This part of your life really hits you and it hits you hard because this part of life tests how strong you really are. Are you just going to give up in a situation like this? Or are you willing to ignore what others say wrong about you and keep on going? Sometimes there are times where you are going to ask yourself this question. Am I doing the right thing? Is what I’m doing wrong? I can relate a lot about this because, I have had situations where I didn’t know if what I was doing is right. To everyone out there who is struggling. Don’t struggle and figure things out on your own. There are people who care about you and are willing to do whatever it takes to help.

I hope you enjoyed my changes that I’ve been doing and been trying to do during these weeks. I hope you found something motivational in my essay today. As always THANKS for reading and please let me know what you think about my thoughts on this essay topic!


1 thought on “Business 1: Which three time-allocation changes could increase my productivity the most. Why?

  1. Great job. I thought u do essays on thursday xd.


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