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Personal Finance: Achievable idea for a small business I could run

When kids want to start a business what first pops into their head? Lemonade stands, selling some of their old stuff, giving people things that you bake, and etc. When kids think of business they only think about what is the best way to earn a lot of money.

Well, for me personally, when I think of business I would think what is it that I can do the best, what can I sell that would be use full to others, or what is it that I could do that will make people happy and me happy as well. There’s plenty of things you can make such as; drawings to print on clothes or other things, make little gadgets, create music, or soaps! The world is filled with possibilities, so get creative! Who knows maybe someone can appreciate your work and you can make your business a bit more professional. For me personally, I’m thinking about making and selling soap figures. It’s a figure that you can put somewhere as a decoration and use it as a soap! Since my mom likes to create stuff, she recommended me this soap making project. So, as of now I’m doing more research about how to make soap in first place, how to make figures out of them, the wonders of coloring. If you want to start a business make sure you talk to your parents about it first. I’m sure they will support you and give you helpful tips so you can be successful while running your little business. While doing school work and running a side business can really boost your head start when finishing middle school/high school. For instance, you will have that pocket money for purchasing things that can be required for what’s to come for you in the future. You can either make your business more professional and invest from it or you can use with whatever you have and put in your savings account, so you can have the money whenever you need it.

THANKS for reading this essay! I hope you can learn something from my point of view in this topic. Have a great rest of your day!

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