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What are some memorable images from the narrative? Why are they memorable?

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I think some of the memorable things I remember from the narrative were probably about his journey from slavery to being an inspirational teacher.

For instance, slavery sure has been something Washington experienced and while he described every detail I pictured what slavery looks like from his point of view. I remembered all the unfair consequences he received fro just doing his part of the job. I remember how hard everyone worked and for what? Worked to suffer from hunger/cold did they work just to be treated like lowlife people who mean nothing but worthless slaves. Honestly just imagining such things make me wanna pour out all the sad emotions and to just pour out everything I feel about slavery. But there’s more exciting things to think about other than slavery such as; days when slavery was over and they were able to get a normal job and actually earn money. Not a lot but just a few to keep them living.

I really liked imagining this part when Washington decided to go to the Hampton Institute. I imagined each step he took just to get there. He had only started off his journey there with 55 cents. I literally felt sad for him because, first off he practically had enough money for the traveling expenses and then how would he pay for the Institute y’know? People who really thirst for education, give everything they have just for education, and give up their comfort just for education. That’s crazy but cool at the same time ’cause this kid sacrificed a lot to get to Hampton. When he ran out of money I got that reader’s suspense asking, “where’s he going to get the money now plus get to the Institute in time?” But sometimes I couldn’t help but get really excited over just one part of the story. For example, when he entered Hampton Institute he wasn’t accepted right away because he had no money and didn’t have proper clothing or anything at all. Y’all might be saying, “well what’s there to be happy/proud of?” Well hold on we’ll get there! Washington practically begged the principal of the school to let him get education, that he was worthy of being a student, and he said that he’ll get a job and earn money for his tuition. The principal thought about it and said for him to sweep/dust the following rooms and to dust off the following clothes. To her surprise, when she came to check up on him she said, “wow these rooms are very clean as if it were sparkling” he said, “I swept each room 3 times and dusted off each piece of clothing 4 times” it took her a second to think but then responds, “you may be a student at this Institute as long as you remain to be our janitor. It didn’t take him a second to say, “Of course! I’ll be the janitor thank you so much!” In my opinion, I think the principal was really shocked at his response and didn’t understand why he is so happy about this but I think in general she was glad that someone like him appeared in the Institute.

If you keep reading the book Booker T. Washington you will see many more amazing things that Washington has experienced and things he overcame to make students have a good education and have a good time while being at school. I hope you all enjoyed my thoughts on this essay as always THANKS for reading, I’m always open to any of your opinions and have a great rest of your day!!


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