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English 1: Was Washington’s program for gaining social acceptance for blacks an elitist program?

To simplify the question a little, was Washington’s program about people accepting blacks (for who they are is important) something that a one leader should consider doing? ( If that made any sense ) But in my opinion, I think anyone could have been the leader and make other people accept them for who they are. But this autobiography proved me that there was only one possible leader to lead his race into social acceptance. This is so, (according to me) because Washington risked basically everything he had in life to get to Hampton for education. While receiving education, his life wasn’t so sweet he had many things to deal with; his mothers death, constant loss of money, he even had to work during the summer just to have enough cents return home. Slowly but surely he got a diploma, finished high school, and is now teaching others this knowledge. So yea, if you were to ask me, I’d say that specifically this autobiography required an elite to get his race to social acceptance.

As I’ve said in the previous essays, this book is AMAZING! And Booker T. Washington is one of my inspirations, and by inspirational I mean that he has very good leadership skills. Problems kept getting to him but solutions to every of his problems were around every corner. As always THANKS for reading this short essay. I hope you were inspired by Washington just as I am!


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