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Personal Finance: An entrepreneur that you admire and haven’t discussed him/her in class

An entrepreneur that I admire is Anne Wojcicki because first of all not many women get to be a business women of something. Anne is an American entrepreneur and the co-founder and CEO of the personal genomics company 23andMe. Her parents were Stanley and Esther Wojcicki. She also has 2 sisters Susan and Janet. Susan grew up to become the CEO of You Tube and Janet is an eminent anthropologist and epidemiologist at the University of California. Both her parents were educationalist. Anne grew up with her sisters on the Stanford University campus, where her father was a physics professor. Her mother was a journalist and member of the board of directors of the non-profit company, ‘Creative Commons’.

 Anne was fond of sports and learnt figure skating and ice hockey at an early age while on the campus. The school authorities recognised her flair for writing and command over the language due to which she was made the editor of the school magazine ‘The Oracle’. She loved writing about sports and won a scholarship for her contributions. Anne Wojcicki went on to attend Yale University to study biology. Her interest in sports remained through her university days. She took part in competitive ice skating and played for the university women’s ice hockey team during her youth.  Her mother has been the most influential person in her life and was mainly responsible for making her confident to believe in herself and strive to accomplish her own mission in life.

The start up was set up in Mountain View, California to deal in personal genomics, biotechnology and genetic testing. It made a good start under the leadership of Wojcicki, who took over as the CEO of the company. Their personal genome test kit, using saliva based personal genome, was featured as the ‘Invention of the Year’ by Times Magazine in 2008. Further, the American business magazine, ‘Fast Company’ named Anne Wojcicki ‘The Most Daring CEO’ in their edition of October 2013. Today, ‘23andMe’ has built one of the world’s most exhaustive databases of personal genetic information to empower its customers to take charge of their healthcare by the concept of ‘Own Your Own Data’. Their company website has huge information for their customers as well as people doing research. Anne has always felt that scientists do not get their due the way other celebrities are awarded. She wanted to add a bit of glamour to the world of scientist and thus co-founded the ‘Breakthrough Awards’ in USA, to felicitate eminent scientists.

Anne met Sergey Brin, co-founder of Google, at her sister’s house, who also worked with the company. She married Sergey in a private ceremony with just about 60 guests, in May 2007. Together, they became one of Silicon Valley’s most influential couples. They have a son, Beji Wojin, and daughter, Chloe Wojin. Anne and her husband started living separately in 2013 as rumours spread that he was getting close to Google Marketing Manager, Amanda Rosenberg. Finally, they got divorced in 2015 and moved their separate ways. Besides being the CEO of ‘23andME’ and the mother of two, she is a real estate investor and owner of the farm to table, kid friendly, cafe called ‘Bumble’. To cope up with the many facets of her life. Wojcicki is an early riser and a late night worker. She loves her coffee and tries to catch minimum seven hours sleep.

What a long essay! I hope y’all enjoyed reading through all of that. Anne Wojcicki inspires me and I admire her character as well as her actions with her business. Hope you too, will find her interesting just as I do. Have a great rest of your day! 😊


3 thoughts on “Personal Finance: An entrepreneur that you admire and haven’t discussed him/her in class

  1. Wow, that is a long essay but you did a great job 😉 I would suggest for the top paragraph to maybe make it into two paragraphs. Long paragraphs often times can confuse the reader and it’s best to stick to medium sized ones but that’s just my preference. You said you wanted my opinion, so I gave it. I hope that helps 😉


    1. omg ye thx! i never even thought about that imma go fix that paragrapg then

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