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Business 1: What would it take for Dr. North to persuade me to use Spreeder for 10 minutes a day?

Dr. North never stopped reminding us of how important spreeder is. The numer one benefit from practicing on spreeder is that we increase our speed of reading. Cool right? For just 10 min. a day on spreeder, can gradually increase your speed in reading and a faster understanding of a book.

First of all, persuading someone to do something is a pretty difficult task. Not everyone has the talent of persuading so, there are some helpful tips to boost your skill of persuading someone. For example, how to Persuade Someone to Your Point of View: You need to think before you speak What is going to appeal to other people? Connect. Find some bond between you and the other person Listen. Be quiet The Law of Scarcity, People want what they cannot have Create Mental Shortcuts

Another example, How to Get People to Say Yes to What You Want: Use the right words Focus on what the other person will gain Remind the person he or she can always say no Appropriate physical touch may help

After you’ve persuaded someone to get them to do something for you or whatever it is that you’re trying to persuade, help them remember the benefits they will get from doing something for you. Just like in this case, if Dr. North succeeds in persuading me to practice on spreeder every day for 10 min. I would remember the benefits I’d get from practicing. I mean who wouldn’t want to read a little bit faster and understand the context of a paragraph a bit better. Well, if you do want that then you got to practice on spreeder everyday, even if you don’t want to. I had a friend who would finish reading my essay as soon as I finish posting it. I would ask her, “How come you’re done reading my essay? I literally just posted it.” She said, “It’s cause i practice on spreeder” That made me think too. I want to be able to read just as fast as she can. So from then I started practicing on spreeder once again.

I hope you enjoyed this essay and some tips on how to persuade someone. as always THANKS for reading. I’m open for any suggestions or any fixes that I should make in my essays.


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