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English 1: Was Washington’s view of the future also my view of the future?

Washington’s view of the future was to have a new Heaven and a new Earth. I wouldn’t say that this statement matches my view for the future. Heaven can’t be changed because, what has been created can’t be redone. Only by destroying it, then it can be created new but that is unlikely. So this statement is final Heaven was created in a unique way and there’s no possible way to recreate it.

Earth, however, can be changed only if someone desires to change it. It’s possible, but difficult. Only the government can make laws and if someone has an idea to make earth a better place to be/live in, then it would be much difficult to make the government listen to you. Usually the government is greedy and want to make things go their way. That’s why many people dislike the government and their laws. To Washington, a new Heaven and a new Earth was a place were the blacks and the whites would get along. So whites can approve things that the blacks say. What I think he meant was equality of the two races.

Just whenever he was 6 years old slavery was still a big thing. His life started out when slavery had ended. Even though blacks were free that didn’t change the fact that they were still being mistreated. The whites always glared at them unhappily and whenever the blacks needed a job so they can earn money for food, the whites would always give them a tough job or an unpleasant job for a very little amount of income. They acted as slaves but this time with little money. Washington decided to go to the Hampton Institute where he got his knowledge from. After graduation he opened his own Institute where he would give the knowledge to others of his race.

Many whites feared some of the blacks because they obtained intelligence and therefore can’t be rude to the blacks. Washington was given an opportunity that no other black man would have received. Washington was asked to recite a 5 minute speech. After his speech a lot of people came by to shake hands with him and many people respected him (even the whites/Ex slave owners). Washington lived his life giving the knowledge to others and doing what he loves and believes that someday equality will come upon the 2 races.

I hope you enjoyed my thoughts on this essay. As always THANKS for reading. I’m open to any little details that could be fixed. I’ll post new essays soon, have a great rest of your day!


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