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Business 1: How important is trust in establishing long-term business relationship?

Trust is super important in business because, when you build someone’s trust you build up the friendship and the cooperation as business partners. If someone thinks you’re not worth their time and money, then in the future when you see the person again that person can become your competitor. You don’t want this to happen so try not to make rivals when it comes to being business partners.

If you’re trying to tell someone to trust you and that you are worth their time and money, be very persuasive. Try giving them something that they don’t have but you do. You could also try saying; “if you become my partner you could make these and I’ll help selling them.” That way the person will start thinking of some of the benefits he could achieve while becoming your partner. Just as Dr. North said in his lecture video people like to feel important, so try telling this person of how their companionship would mean a lot to you. Get their attention by using the right words!

However in the beginning of your conversation with another business man you need to remember their name. When they say “My name is (for example) Kade” to grab his attention just respond “Nice to meet you Kade.” That way the person will feel important and will know that you’re being respectful to him.

Let’s talk about rivals. There will be people who will try to ruin your business for their benefit. For example, if you fail at persuading someone or if you fail at making someone trust you then, like I said before, It’s possible that you’ll become rivals in the future. When this happens and when years go by there will be moments were your rival might want to become more successful than you or something and will try to get rid of you at any cost. You have to be prepared for the upcoming obstacles that will come to you when you become successful. Fix the prices, advertise better, create more new products than usual, make sales a bit more often, and etc. to prevent the loss of your business.

These were my thoughts about trust for this essay. ( While typing this essay even I learned something new ). As always THANKS for reading and I’ll post more soon.

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