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Personal Finance: A business plan for a potentially workable business you could run

There are many businesses that you could start, therefore require a certain business plan of its own. As for me, If I want to start selling online for example, buying certain items and sell them on your site at your price. To gain income from this you have to be prepared, have a plan, before starting your business. If I were to sell online then my business plan would look like this:

I would firstly check the amount of money I have right now, so then I could buy all of the necessary items I would need for my business.

Then I would have to choose the perfect site to create it into my own online business site.

After I have completed the account and designed it the way I like it, I would then start thinking about the items I plan to get or make things on my own and start preparing to advertise them.

After making the plan of buying/making items I would then start to advertise them on my site, tell all my friends about it, making sure a lot of people get to know my latest new products.

Once I start making a lot of income I can make plans such as; upgrading my site, being even more creative with my products to attract more customers and etc.

That’s all for my essay today, hope you could get an idea of what to plan for when you start your own business. As always THANKS for reading and I’ll post more essays soon.

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