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Personal Finance: Form of business that would be best for the business you outlined in your business plan

I think a sole proprietorship might be best because it would be the easiest to set up. I would get all the profits, and I could do business without having to call anybody. Also, it would be the fastest to start up, because I would not have to form any elaborate plans with a partner beforehand.

A partnership may also be a good option, though, because if I got a friend or two to help me with it, the business might be more successful. This is because advertising could get around more easily and more quickly, and we could make the stand more fancy and professional looking.

I am not sure which of these would be better. I think it would be possible to start as the sole owner, but if somebody was interested in joining and improving I would not turn them down.

As always THANKS for reading this essay I hope you enjoyed some of my thoughts on this and I’ll see you next time with more posts.

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