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Business 1: My plan to implement one chapter in my life

If I were to implement one of the chapters from How to Win Friends and Influence People, it would be The Secret of Dealing with People. I often go about convincing people to do what I want the wrong way. By using these techniques, I could see a big change in my ability to persuade others.
In order to convince a person to do what I want them to do, I have to make them want to do it.  

However, they are not interested in just giving me what I want. They have to know that if they do something for me, it will benefit them as well. I must appeal to the other person’s self-interest. Everyone wants to feel a sense of importance. This is one of the key character traits a wise salesman needs to consider. It is never a good idea to use criticism to convince someone to do what you want or make a sale. Approval will help you gain the trust of a customer and allow the salesman to make the sale much easier. The principles in this chapter also closely relate to the principles in the chapter How to Criticize.

In this chapter, Canegie discusses the ways to correct a person’s actions. The first step is to request, not demand. If I can get the person to do the task with a better attitude, he will be much more productive than he would be if forced to do the task. Another way to correct someone is to lead by example. Showing the person how the task can be performed myself will help others to imitate my performance. Employees feel better knowing that their boss is willing to get his hands dirty to make his company successful.

Before I ever criticize someone’s work, it is a good idea to lead with praise. I should tell them the good things they are doing before I point out what they are doing wrong. My goal is not to embarrass the person, but to let him know what he is doing wrong so he can correct it. Finally, I need to avoid threatening negative sanctions to people who do things incorrectly. I will not get their best work with negative threats.

To convince people to do what I want them to do, I must avoid criticism and use other techniques, like leading by example and flattery. By doing this, I will see a tremendous improvement on my influence of other people.

I hope you enjoyed this essay as always THANKS for reading and I’ll post more soon! Have a great rest of your day!

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