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Business 1: The ideal apprenticeship job, and why?

I think the ideal apprenticeship in general is something that is challenging, but is not extremely hard or difficult. The ‘ideal’ apprenticeship is something that teaches you enough to get you started, with a couple tips and tricks thrown throughout the teaching. This one made me pay attention. I sometimes zone out when I clean and can make my cleaning job terribly. I think an apprenticeship is supposed to teach you the basics of that career or job. Not teach you every little secret. I personally think that in a career you need time to grow independently in that field, not have somebody hold your hand the whole time. 

The requirement for a flawless apprenticeship opportunity should be a mentor who would willingly teach someone the skills of his trade, but especially “how” he started and maintained a successful business. Then you will have a community full of families, which are full of skillful, helpful, and contributing individual members, who have the same goal as everyone else around them. I don’t have an Ideal apprentice job just yet but I’m thinking about something that deals with business.

THANKS for reading this essay I hope you enjoyed it, ill post more soon. Have a great rest of your day!

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