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Personal Finance: What method of preparing your taxes would you choose, and why? Tax refund advances offered by professional tax preparers–is this a smart move? What is the interest rate that is being charged on the loan?

In this essay I will tell you what I chose to do my taxes out of this list, by hand, by software, or a professional tax prepare. I will also tell you Is tax refund advances offered by professional tax preparers a smart thing to do, and I will tell you what the interest rate is on this type of loan.

The one that I chose in the list is paying some one to do your tax return for you, but you also want to find a good tax preparer. The reason I chose this is 1. do you know all the laws, the person that you pay to do your tax returns is paid to know the laws.2. Since the person that you are paying knows the laws, then he can get more money for you.

Next should you Have you tax return be in advance? Me what I have seen and heard I would say no, I would just wait for it to arrive. The Reason why  would not like my money in advance is because they charge you interest because you are  technically having a loan.  The amount they charge on your Advanced tax return is if you tax return is over 2,500 dollars is the amount charged is about 35.7 present interest.

I hope you enjoyed reading this essay as always THANKS for stopping by, ill post more soon have a great rest of your day!

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