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Business 1: The lifestyle I want 20 years from now

The lifestyle I would want 20 years from now would probably to live my life some what successful. I would probably live my life experienced (obviously) and I would have been able to overcome some problems. I wouldn’t count myself wise or anything but even if 20 years from now came I’d still be the old self who makes mistakes all the time and be unsure of what to do in certain situations. I would like to live a lifestyle where I won’t have to deal with a lot of debts. I would actually try to save and figure how to receive a good amount of income. Y’know how parents say to children, “learn from our mistakes and in the future don’t fall into a trap that you might regret from, just like we did” I’m sure that some of your parents have said the same thing or maybe something similar to that statement.

In 20 years from now I want to live comfortably, knowing what’s going on around me, being sure of how to solve financial mistakes, and loving what I do. Some elders have this big mistake of doing their current work to get an amount of money that’s more from what they’ve earned in their previous jobs. Ok that sounds cool but, the problem is people often hate their jobs and they know that this is the only way to get money or it’s the only way to receive a certain amount of money that they need. Before getting a job/receiving think about the job before accepting it. Think about your days at the work, are you going to like working there, is the job simple enough/effective? This is really important to think about when getting a job or accepting one.

THANKS for reading this essay. Let me know what you would like your lifestyle to be in 20 years. I’ll post more soon and have a great rest of your day!

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