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English 1: Who your target audience should be for your autobiography. Explain why you have selected this audience, even if it’s only for your eyes only

If I were to write an autobiography my target audience would be teenagers/adults. The reason why teens/adults are my audience is because my autobiography would contain some information that teenagers can relate to and things that some adults might have been through. When people write their autobiography they focus on the problem they’ve been having for a long time or something they’ve struggled for years, then write chronologically explaining why they were through it or how they got through it or even if they ever got through it. An autobiography is a unique thing to write because different people go through different things and share their unique story to others. Authors would want readers to be able to relate and experience the situation the author has been in. If I wrote my autobiography my target audience would be teenagers/adults.

THANKS for reading this essay I’ll post more soon and have a great rest of your day!

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