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Business 1: Would it be moral to grade exams, so that all students get C’s? If not, is it moral for the state to redistribute incomes?

Hmm let’s think about this… Would it be fair to have students working really hard for an exam and getting the same grade each time? I think… HECK NO! That’s not fair whatsoever! What’s the point of studying and learning a topic knowing you’d get the same grade? This doesn’t make sense y’know? Some may still work at it, but they would merely be doing it for sake of doing it, not because it actually makes any difference.

What about the government? Is it moral for them to redistribute income? That question is a little more complex than the first one. Firstly, it would not be moral to give everybody the same income. It would give little to no incentive to anything difficult or work hard for their money. Unless real benefits are presented, people will not work their hardest. In a free market on the other hand, people will often work harder or do a less desirable job if it means getting paid more. An economy that pays everybody the same would not be very stable.

For example, a man is working to provide food for the family, but then BOOM gets hurt by idk braking some bones and now needs medical attention. Now the mom has to work to provide food for the family and to pay off other household bills. Not only could it be difficult to get a job if she doesn’t have a good degree or profitable skills, but she’ll also either have to get a maid or continue to care for her children and household herself. Without food stamps, inexpensive health insurance, or any other safety net, they would be in danger in more ways then one.

Although this story was just me speaking hypothetically, things like that happen to many every day. The needs that people have are real unlike for others who use this weird law as an excuse for not working. We should limit taking money from taxpayers and giving it to people who just don’t want to work, we should make sure that the people who really do need it, get it, even if that means that some people take advantage of it.

THANKS for reading this essay I hope you liked it, I’ll post more soon and have an amazing rest of your day!

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