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English 1: Should I include reconstructed speeches in my autobiography?

Well first, the answer could change depending on who you’re writing for. But since I have already made the choice to write for my friends and family, I would write from that view. Now, I’ve never had to give a speech on any kind so far in my life, and if it was only a small, unimportant one then I wouldn’t include it in my autobiography. On the other hand, if I ever gave any noteworthy speeches in the future, I would probably include pieces of it for my family and friends’ reading. I would hope that by including pieces of my speech, or speeches, those who read it could understand my life better.

However, one of my biggest goals when writing my autobiography would be to keep it interesting and somewhat accurate. Many writers tend to embellish their work to make it more appealing to readers, but I have decided to write my stories as they are or not at all. If the story of your life has to be embellished then perhaps you’re not looking at the right parts of your life. Everyone has an interesting life story if they can string them together in an entertaining way.

One important way to keep your stories interesting without embellishment is to set a proper tone. The goal of setting a tone is to engage the reader. By adding a tone to your autobiography, you can make the reader feel welcomed and intrigued right from the beginning. Once the reader is invested in your stories, they will want to continue reading, a welcoming tone is the best way to pull the reader in.

Another key to writing a true but interesting autobiography is your vocabulary. The use of common language is extremely important when writing for others. By using general names instead of technical jargon, you can reach out to a wider audience with your book. However, by using common language people have a tenancy to repeat words when writing; so, providing variety in your words to avoid confusion is a good idea. 

 By repeating a word over and over again, people can think they have lost their place in your writing instead of their minds remaining intrigued. A wonderful way to keep people’s minds interested is to use a variety of adjectives. When deciding what adjectives to use while writing, I always try to consider replacing an exceptionally common word like pretty with a word such as lovely or beautiful to keep the readers mind guessing.

That’s all for today’s essay I hope you liked it, as always THANKS for reading it. I’ll post more soon and have an amazing day!

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