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English 1: What would I do in my autobiography that is different from what Darwin did?

I would actually write my autobiography the way I lived my life and not some other people that I should include. I would only focus on myself and explain every detail of some of the problems I had and how I came over them. I also would be specific on important things and vague on insignificant things, instead of the other way around.

Charles for example, mentions about his marriage once and then seems to ignore the topic for the rest of the autobiography as if they weren’t important role in his life. I know I would have spent at least couple chapters saying how awesome my family is and plenty to say about my marriage. I would never ignore something so significant.

He barely mentions his two books which had profound influence on the world, but instead spends entire pages describing inconsequential books he wrote, which no one had heard of at the time he was writing, let alone one hundred and thirty years after he died. If I ever achieved something even marginally influential or important I would be sure to mention and describe it in my autobiography.

The only reason you’d read his book is because he’s Charles Darwin and you want to know how he achieved all his success, but he doesn’t talk about it, so you keep reading hoping he will eventually tell you, but he never does. In my autobiography, I would concentrate on the significant meaningful things I had achieved over my life. I would focus on significant information in my narrative, and I would attempt to construct stories interesting and perhaps useful to my readers.

Charles Darwin sure is a successful man with a lot of positive outcomes the only problem is he didn’t explain his whole life, how he got to where he was at, what was the inspiration behind his success, and etc. I hope you got something use full out of this essay. As always THANKS for reading it and have a great day!

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