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Business 1: Write at least five student benefits of the Ron Paul Curriculum

The 5 student benefits of the Ron Paul Curriculum:

#1: Students get more free time to do whatever else they do outside of school. As well as spend more time with their families.

#2: Other than learning the skill of writing. Having a blog in general makes us know more about people and getting to know them. A lot of people seem to like my posts even more than I thought it’d go. RPC has definitely helped me get that little push with starting a blog.

#3: When doing online education/Curriculum in general it doesn’t matter how many lessons you do, you can choose to do how many you like. Being ahead of public school students could be advantage but we also have to remember to not rush and make sure we understand the topic well.

#4: I’m only saying this once. This Curriculum involves a lot and I mean a lot of reading. Not that it’s a bad thing, but I did enjoy reading some of the books required and now I get the hang of it. I kinda enjoy reading a lot more than I did before.

#5: Courses like math and physics may sound a handful (ya’ll know what I mean) and getting to know the subjects isn’t fun sometimes. Math/Physics are just as important as the other so-called easy subjects. I have recently switched to a different curriculum for math/physics actually. ^_^ Not because RPC was bad, but because I preferred a different method of learning the subjects. RPC does a good job explaining things nicely and memorable, so what I’m saying is you won’t regret joining RPC because you will like how things go there.

This essay has come to an end, THANKS for reading I hope this essay was helpful/motivational enough for some of you. I’ll see you soon have a great day!╰(*°▽°*)╯

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