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English 1: Did Thompson provide persuasive evidence that South’s slave system was morally evil?

In my opinion he did because he obviously experienced terrible things, so no doubt that there’s gonna be evidence for this.

I think he knew the slave system was wrong, but he still preferred some owners than the other ones. Kind of like public school. The system isn’t the best, but sometimes the teachers can be just as good.

One of the chapters he says how evil this one slave owner was, but then the next he would be talking about how nice a different slave owner was. Two guys from the same category, two different stories/descriptions. The only difference between the two men was the way that they treated their slaves.

Another evidence about slavery and etc. was that Thompson’s new master who was married, tried to seduce Thompson’s sister, she stood firm and didn’t accept. For this case the master whipped Thompson’s sister every time his wife wasn’t home. The wife made Thompson’s sister marry, but even after that, the master still whipped the sister when his wife wasn’t home. His wife died after knowing ’bout it. Wife of Dr. Jackson, a nearby owner whipped a young girl for breaking a dish. Jackson had a heart attack while trying to strangle a slave.

A granddaughter of a slave owner alerted the slaves and told them to escape, a slave betrayed her, and she wounded up in poverty. Thompson was unjustly whipped by a constable as well as blamed for the infraction of another slave. He was also accused of helping two slaves escape, for this reason they wanted to arrest him and even offered $300 bounty on him, he escaped.

This is more then enough evidence to figure out that the south slave system was morally evil. As always THANKS for reading, I’ll post more soon and have a great day!

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