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Business 1: 15 Benefits of the Ron Paul Curriculum

  1. Constant Essay writing assignments. In some classes, students are assigned weekly writing assignments, from my experience these average 500 words.  Once completed the student posts these essays on a WordPress blog, and posts a link in the appropriate forum on the RPC website so that other students can read their essays.  This gives students a means of practice and constant drive to improve their writing.

2. Guidelines to becoming a more effective writer. Before I began this curriculum, I had pretty good writing skills but RPC has definitely helped me improve more in writing than I did before. I continue to learn more writing skills every time I write them.

3. The skill of time management. Especially in high-school or college, students face the difficult task of balancing school with a job, business, or perhaps a sport or other activity. RPC helps you to create that flexibility, the stress-free habitat, for learning and educating yourself at your pace. I have a lot to work on in the way of time management, but I have improved since starting this curriculum and I continue to improve through persistence.  

4. This curriculum makes you academically disciplined.   In most of the high school courses, the teachers are college level teachers they do not leave blank spots, they cover everything.  Within a month of joining this curriculum, students will see a major incline to their academic progress.

5. No “busy work.” While this curriculum is rigorous everything you do has meaning.  There is no pointless time-consuming work.  Each class takes at the most 1 hour a day.

6. A flexible schedule. The classes can be taken anytime, anywhere.  This allows students to make their own schedule, and have the flexibility to change it anytime.

7. Students learn how to use WordPress. Each student is asked to create a WordPress blog to post writing assignments on, this is not required, but it is highly recommended.  Students are walked through the basics, and they will learn a lot through personal experience.  This is a good skill to have.

8. There are no textbooks to buy. With the exception of the business course there are no textbooks.  This is not only more affordable, but there is less bulk.  It is easiest to have everything in one place, so downloadable PDF’s make everything more simple.

9. Guidelines to getting a CLEP exam and the preparations needed for it. There are ways to beat the system and save time and money on a college education.  The RPC offers everything you need to start this on the right foot.

10. Type speed. Through weekly essays, and research, I have more than doubled my typing speed.  I have been learning from other online sources, but without this curriculum I never would have sought out ways to improve my speed.

11. It’s light weighted on parents. Parents are required to do very little as far as teaching goes. They have experience in these fields so they occasionally help explain certain concepts, but for the most part they do not have to do much.  This is a benefit for both the parent and the student.

12. High school business course taught by successful businessmen. In today’s world, a job can be risky and insecure.  Starting a solid business is a good idea and this curriculum provides 2 years of business training taught by men who have achieved success in business, you will not find this anywhere else.

13. The opportunity to learn from/teach other students. On the website, available exclusively to members, there are forums for every course as well as a discussion forum for students, and several parent forums.  When a student has a question they can leave it on the forum and it will most likely be answered within 24 hours.

14. Development of note taking skills. Taking notes is a valuable skill needed by students of every level.  This curriculum teaches students how to take good notes, and apply them to their study to maximize the information learned.

15. Self taught. 98% self taught is a huge benefit.  Students learn how to be more independent in their educational lives.  This is a good preparation for college, and learning throughout life.

That’s all for today’s essay about benefits of RPC. I hoped you all enjoyed reading. I’ll post more soon and have a great day!

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