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Business 1: Identify two possible USP’s for the Ron Paul Curriculum

The Ron Paul Curriculum is a home-school curriculum for deep thinking.

The curriculum makes you strive for thinking deeply and that’s pretty challenging. It has been made in such a way that the student will need to use logic. The curriculum not only is designed for the mature high-school student, but it is required as stated by Mr. Gary North right on the website, in the question and answer forum. This curriculum is for students who are self motivated and like to be challenged. Again, this USP is practical, true, and unique. The deep thinker will be challenged, encouraged, and trained to use his mind to its highest potential.

The RPC curriculum supports the Freedom Philosophy.

This is a very good USP. The Freedom Philosophy is the idea that there should be a small government that has only a few limited jobs, and that the people should hold the real power. This is a good USP because it is very central to why the Ron Paul Curriculum was created. It is endorsed by the former Republican politician Ron Paul and was created by Gary North as a way to provide homeschooled kids with a good education while reinforcing the Freedom Philosophy. It also does a great job of screening people out who don’t agree in the Freedom Philosophy.

That’s all for this essay, I hope that it was helpful enough for some of you. I’ll post more soon and have a great day!

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