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English 1: How could I adopt Northup’s technique of using contrasts?

In this essay I am going to talk about some of the things Northup contrasted in his autobiography 12 Years A Slave. One contrasting thing is, even though the law strictly removed kidnapping free men, Northup could not get anyone to set him free. Every time Northup said he was kidnapped he would be beaten again and again. Even though he was in Washington D.C. There was no one to hold the law and protect his rights.

 Northup and Eliza were split up from their children. Northup was a free man kidnapped and sold into slavery. Eliza was born into slavery and her children were sold to various owners never to be seen again. At least Northup had hope to prove he was born free and find his family.

Another perfect contrast between two masters, when Northup was originally sold into slavery his first master was William Ford. Ford was a really nice and respected slave owner. He read his slaves the Bible and encouraged them to as well. They were also given decent sleeping quarters and living conditions. As a result they were very efficient and willing to work. Northup’s second owner was Edwin Epps, and he was nothing like Ford. He beat his slaves constantly and usually for no reason. There were very poor living conditions and worked very hard.

That would be all for today’s essay. I hope you enjoyed reading it. I’ll post more later and see you soon!

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