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English 1: Was Thoreau dependent on the division of labor while he was living on Walden Pond?

Walden was living on the land of a friend of his for about two years. He was a firm believer living only off the land and what it provides. After that time he lived there, he moved back into his mom’s house and worked for a pencil company.

He believed that it is best to live solely off the land. Working off the land and letting it provide him with his needs. It is definitely possible to live this way, at least it was any way around a hundred years ago. Nowadays you cannot live in the United States without paying taxes. You cannot live wholly off the land unless you can effectively grow money, and I’m not talking about growing and selling produce, because that would be depending on the division of labor.

To answer the question, no, he did not rely on the division of labor while he lived on the land. He lived only off that certain section of the property. However, he did rely on the division of labor when he worked at his pencil company.

THANKS for reading this essay. I hope you all have a great day!

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