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Business 1: How you (and your family) have benefited from the Ron Paul Curriculum

I benefited from this program by being more disciplined, that’s for sure. I always follow the routine by waking up, daily routine, breakfast, and school work, and I have gotten used to it. What motivates me to do work even tho I don’t wanna is knowing that all the hard work that I do now will benefit me in the future.

The way that RPC benefited my family is that they keep busy. My siblings (for example) don’t sit in one place and stare into space, they keep themselves occupied and put their full focus into work, ok well sometimes. My dad doesn’t regret getting this program for us and is 100% sure that it will have a great affect towards us in the future, for the better.

That’s all for this essay. I hope you learned a little how we benefited from RPC curriculum. I’ll post more soon and have a great day!

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