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Personal Finance: Top 5 investing tips I’d pass to a younger person

Here are the top 5 investing tips:

1.) Invest in Mutual Funds. Mutual funds spread out your investments for the least amount of risk that your money will decrease in value.

2.)  Watch the market carefully. One of the biggest mistakes that stock/bond holders can make is to feel too worried, withdrawing your money before its maturity date or the peak of the price, and therefore losing the money you could have gained.

3.)  Consider investing in bonds (debt) instead of stock (equity.) If the company goes under, you (the bond-holder) are entitled to receiving your return before the stock-holders. You are more likely to actually get your money back.

4.) Understand stocks and bonds in full before you invest. Right now, after watching these videos presented by Ron Paul Curriculum, I feel that I better understand stocks and bonds, however anyone should do a lot of research before taking the step. It may affect how your investment pans out.

5.) Know the risk, Investing can be risky, and it can end up in serious losses. Don’t start investing without learning the risks, so that you can make the right decisions.

That’s all for this essay THANKS reading it and I’ll post more soon.

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