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Business 1: Procrastination kills

Procrastination is a very big thing that a lot of people deal with their everyday lives, possibly. We all know what procrastination means. It the action of delaying or postponing something. The thing most of us would postpone is starting a business of our own. It doesn’t matter how old or young you are. I’ve heard all the arguments for it. I just don’t think I would have the time to do it or the real want to. You could say that procrastination kills your want of starting a business. Instead of doing it now, we wait and wait and never do it. I know I’ve done that a lot in my life before, but it really hasn’t ever really made me look over my shoulder. The one thing I regret is that the Ron Paul Curriculum didn’t come out sooner. The one thing I’ve gained from this curriculum is experience in many things that I would never have done.

If I were to start my own business, there would be many things that would come into play. My parents have suggested a lot of things which I could do to earn more money. This has to do with selling things on eBay or amazon. It’s a great way to make a profit and you never have to leave home. I keep telling myself that I’ll do it someday and, as of today, I still haven’t. This business course is starting to make me wonder about all of that. It didn’t seem possible that I would ever learn how or that someone my age could do it. As I’ve learned, you can actually start a business by creating websites for other people who don’t want to do it themselves. That’s okay. Not everyone is a technology expert. I just learn all I need to know. Having your own business does create a lot of freedom for you. I’ve never been there. The benefits you want will come through focusing on what the customer wants. There are so many benefits to think of. Even if most people don’t start, that’s not reason why you shouldn’t start one.

Just thinking about not doing a little research about business is basically a procrastinating kill. Being a little bit lazy and leaving the research for some other days is a procrastination. Dreaming and fantasizing about having a successful business but not doing anything bout it is a procrastination. I’m saying this because, I have had a lot of moments like these in life where I think about my future, being lazy to do a little research, and procrastinating in general to start a business of some sort. The very first thing I do to overcome my procrastination, I find ways to motivate myself, make a list of benefits from doing the hard work that’s need for starting a business, and view all the outcome benefits for having a running business.

THANKS for reading this essay about procrastination kills. I hope this essay helps u understand a bit more about the causes and effects of preparing, working, and starting a business. I’ll post more soon and have a great day!

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