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Business 1: What marketing advantages do I now have that I did not have when the week began?

Since I didn’t start a business yet I can only say the knowledge I’ve gained since I started this course. Throughout this business course I’ve learned how the marketing advantages work, time management, advertisement that can sell you well, and many more valuable tips I never knew about business.

When I started this course I was expecting some marketing tips, how to run a business in general, and how to keep up a business. This course, however, showed me that it was much more than it looks. I have learned that having a business takes a lot of responsibility. Not only do you have to compete against other brands or other businesses, you also have to make sure that your customers are happy with your products/whatever it is you’re selling. This course explained to me in detail that to make your customers happy you have to make sure you give them what they are looking for. All of these tips and secrets to a successful business were opened to me and I feel pretty confident starting one and knowing what to do.

Another most powerful business skill I learned over this business course was how to write advertisement that sells. At the beginning of the year, I had no idea how to write advertising, or even what made advertising a success or a failure. Now, I probably know more about advertising than most people ever will. I learned the things not to write and what to write in an advertising campaign. What makes an advertisement stand out from other advertisements, I have learned how that can be made possible.

I have also learned the useful skill on time management. At the beginning of the course, I didn’t think much about the future or how I spent my time. A few months after beginning this course, my POV about business had completely changed, and I used my time to spend it more productively.  Before starting the course, I had an ok idea of how to run a business and how it worked, but I didn’t really understand the concepts and keys to a successful business. Now, coming towards the end of this course, I have learned more about the business world than I have known before. 

I learned about how technology is constantly changing, and how to use this to my advantage. I learned about Google AdWords, the misfortunes that come with using search engine optimization (SEO) when not done correctly, and how to arrange my landing pages. Thanks to Dr. Gary North who teaches my business course on the Ron Paul Curriculum, I had opportunities to read fantastic ads by copywriter Bob Bly. I didn’t realize how much impact a copywriter could have upon a customer until I read Mr. Bly’s ads. Something else that I have learned is how closely knit the copywriting group is for those who know what they are doing. Good copywriters know who the other good copywriters of their day are, and who the good copywriters were before them.

THANKS for reading this essay I hope you can also agree with my thoughts on this topic (if you also have business class that is) I am certainly sure that I can start a business without any second thoughts. Now that I know a lot more about business than I have before I can use these tips and secrets to make a (possibly) successful business. I’ll post more soon and have a great day!

5 thoughts on “Business 1: What marketing advantages do I now have that I did not have when the week began?

  1. ninjawarrior83 May 26, 2020 — 3:15 pm

    Great essay


    1. lol thx! i like urs as well! how do yall read so fast tho ToT


      1. ninjawarrior83 May 26, 2020 — 4:08 pm

        Idk lol Im used 2 reading silently


      2. ToT what a useful skill to hv huh 😁


      3. ninjawarrior83 May 26, 2020 — 4:24 pm



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