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English 1: What I must do in my note-taking to describe what is going on around me

This question, I’m my opinion, can mean many things. It can be the importance of note taking, how to correctly take notes, or how to express your thoughts/emotions onto a piece of paper. For this topic I will clearly explain each point.

Many people just have the talent to remember all the best moments and the worst moments they had in their life. All the significant things they’ve accomplished and how they’ve learned form their mistakes. If you are that kind of person then that’s great! Regardless of how fantastic your memories may be you still need to value the importance of note-taking. If you went out with your family somewhere don’t just write things down you did as a family. Explain all the moments in detail so the reader can put themselves into your place and try to imagine the things you’ve experienced. So that they can try to imagine the emotions you have felt during that time. Whenever you felt loneliness at some point in your life and you want to write how you feel down in your notes. That’s good to write down all your emotions, but what’s even better is to explain every detail of it. Write down what made you feel this way, tell what you’ve learned from this, and explain how you overcame this problem. The importance of note-taking will be significant depending on how detailed you describe your feelings, emotions, and thoughts.

Taking notes correctly is also very important if you want your readers to connect to you. If you want your readers to understand how you feel, you gotta explain to them your whole situation. If you leave out on some details your readers might not understand fully on how you felt at that time. Or the times when your family went out to get ice cream, explain in detail what your flavor was, tell your readers what you felt eating that ice cream, and tell them the most amazing moment when going out to get ice cream. Wherever you go, wherever you may be, it’s always good to write things as you go. When you sit down one day and read your autobiography, I’m sure you would love to remember the things you did before and the places you traveled to. Note-taking things will really pay you off one day.

Expressing your emotions, thoughts, and feelings is no easy task. Not everyone can impress people with certain words. People say it’s talent, they may say it’s a gift, but I think anyone can learn this skill of expressing emotions to impress readers. Autobiographers are simply writing things down as they go. They write what they see, tell how they feel, and teach you how to overcome certain things. You have to be totally natural when writing things down. Write not to impress people write because this is how you feel, this is who you are, and because that’s how you do the things you do. By writing all about you, you tell the readers your point of view in this world. You want the readers to see things in your point of view, so that they can understand the things you see the things you feel, and to view this world the way you do.

THANKS for reading his essay. I hope you can learn a few things about the importance of note-taking, how to write your notes correctly, and how to express feelings/emotions on paper. I’ll post more soon and have a great day!

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