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Personal Finance: How does Inflation affect me?

Our family in particular hasn’t experienced Inflation problems yet. If we were to have one then our parents would quickly know what to do. Our family never starves yet we don’t live as rich either. When we speak of money, we always have enough of it. Even if unexpected income comes into our house, our parents would just put that into their savings account or other much needed things to pay off. It wouldn’t affect us much, as it could affect other people. Our family wouldn’t take it to an alarm but other families could be a little worried instead. Say Donald Trump gives us unexpected money, like I said before the first thing my parents would do is put that into their savings account or add that money into other things that needed to be payed off. While on the other hand other families that could receive the same amount from Donald Trump they wouldn’t know where to put all that cash into, and they couldn’t just spend it off as they please, so those types of families get concerned and worried about that instant cash.

So basically our family wouldn’t take it as a hard thing to do, instead we would take things the cool way and take action immediately. THANKS for reading this essay I hope you enjoyed reading it and have a great day!

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