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Business 1: What is my most important skill that I can use in starting my business this year?

I think that the most important skill I have to start making a business today is knowing how to communicate with people.

I got this from my dad I suppose, cause man he sure talks a lot. He likes having conversations with people and genuinely getting to know them. He always listens carefully to what the person has to say. He would share some of his thoughts with that other person and that person will share some of his knowledge. with the big help of common interest my dad and that other person can communicate on familiar terms. To get on the same flow with the other person try talking about the things he likes that you also like. That my friends is called “common interest” this is also my biggest secret to connecting with someone instantly. It is quite hard finding a common interest because every person has different interests. The good news is that any small thing that you find in common with that other person would count as a common interest.

I still don’t know if that is genetics of communication i got from my dad or it’s just that I like to communicate with people by myself. A lot of people are shy or just don’t like talking in general. That is a sad fact but at the same time try your best, give it your best shot. Communicating with people like that may be difficult but it’s not always hard. Just know that you gave it your best shot that’s all that matters. Speaking of business, communication is a very big deal here, because when you communicate with someone you try to either persuade the person to buy your product or whatever it is you are trying to get that persons attention for. If you want to do business but are not good at speaking, that may be a problem. Not knowing how to speak in front of others and trying to business talk with them at the same time can be a recipe for a disaster. You have to make your tasks step by step. First, take care of speaking towards others in a professional kind of way. Then, take care of the persuading part or whatever it is you need to talk out with that other person.

Sometimes people are gifted with this talent. While others learn this skill. Some people know how to persuade people but can’t really speak up about it. Sometimes it’s the other way round. When communicating with someone about the business affairs, look them in the eye if someone walks by continue looking at the person so they can know that you are focusing only on them. That other person will feel important and will feel like they are your top priority at the moment. Just by making eye contact you can already make a big difference about people’s opinion about you. All of these things are highly important if you want you business to grow or to make a partnership of some sort.

THANKS for reading this essay I hope that some of you learn something about my thoughts about the importance of communication.

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