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Personal Finance: Top 5 biggest mistakes of Young Married couples

In my opinion, I would safely say that when newly weds or young couples get married, they tend to spend their money quickly on things that might not be necessary for them at the moment. Instead of doing house arrangements and putting together their plans of work, they try to find time for vacation lots of breaks. That isn’t a bad thing it’s just how often they do this and how much they spend is what matters. Coming back from a honeymoon, they might find themselves in a financial situation where there isn’t enough money to pay for something. Say utility, clothes, food, house, and etc. all the money that they could’ve spent on those things they spended on entertainment and for their own happiness.

That isn’t very wise coming from newly wed people but at the same time, living off that paradise life before coming home and start working is what’s on people’s minds constantly after getting married. Another thing that young couple’s do wrong, is that they might constantly fight whether it be a financial crisis or some relationship problem. They tend to give up on each other really fast to the point where they divorce. Everyone knows how life gets after getting divorced. It’s basically really depressing, because not only you might have a child to take care of, you also have to support the house and the prices that come with it.

In general, those are the things people have make up for if they do get divorced or get into a financial crisis. To all the couples out there, be around for each other life is tough but the 2 of you together are made to lean against each other and support yourselves. Things will work out eventually if you won’t give up and keep working together, and do what you gotta do to make things right.

THANKS for reading this essay. Hope some of you got some tips from me. I’ll post more soon an have a great day!

2 thoughts on “Personal Finance: Top 5 biggest mistakes of Young Married couples

  1. Hi I’m from RPC. Great post. You have very good wording and you drew my attention to what you wrote. Also I would say you could improve it even more by maybe listing one or two things that could help so-and-so’s financial situation. And overall great post. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    from and to a RPC student.


    1. Hello and thank you for sharing your thoughts on one of my old essays! I stopped using wordpress due to not starting school year yet and I wasn’t able to see any notifications from people, so my apologies for not responding quicker. But I came back to the site and the first thing I see is your message to me. Gotta admit, your message has put an unintended smile on my face. I’m glad to have somebody take a liking in my schools writing. Also maybe I will add those ‘one or two things’ whenever I find some time, in the meantime, I’ll post new stuff on this site, for my school year has recently begun. Wish ya only the best! ✌😁😊

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