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English 1: How important are the words ‘So What?’ in an autobiography?

To be honest with you, when I first saw this assignment my first reaction was, “uhh what is this, it doesn’t make any sense. 😅” But as I viewed the lecture and looked some things up online I gradually came to an understanding of what to make of this essay’s topic.

However, depending on your role in the autobiography, the words can be applied differently. If you are the writer of your story, you can use the words ‘so what’ in many different ways. ‘So What’ is very important in an autobiography and it doesn’t have to be an autobiography it can be any type of writing. Whatever it is the words ‘So What’ makes a huge difference in a sentence, almost like a plot twister. Not only is the question important of the author but to the readers as well. The reader shouldn’t ask, ‘So what?’ without being able to answer it. ‘So what’ is so important because it removes of all the extra bunch of words included in your autobiography. It also helps you to pull the reader in making them care about what you write in your story. The reason many people don’t add in the ‘So what?’ in their autobiography is that they don’t believe their life has a point or that things are meaningless to them.

As a writer, the phrase ‘so what’ is a useful thing itself. It’s a phrase that’s commonly used to show of an uninterested character. When reading or hearing a story, if you think to yourself ‘so what’ then it may not be interesting to you or the best choice to use in your autobiography. ‘So what’ can also show a lack of understanding or getting it to the end of the story, making it uninteresting for the readers. As a writer, there are many ways to use ‘so what’ to your advantage. By using ‘so what’ to its full potential, you’re almost guaranteed to have an interesting autobiography and your readers as well. By asking yourself this question as a writer, you’ll be off to a great start. You can also use those words to help you figure out what direction you want to take using your book, all just by asking yourself the questions like, ‘So what’s next?’ and ‘So what will the reader think of this?’

It can be quite helpful to ask yourself several questions that include the phrase ‘so what’ to help decide if you would recommend your book to others. These questions, along with other similar ones, help make it possible for you to decide what books to share with your family and friends. Say, your friends mention that they are reading an autobiography you’ve read, responding with ‘so what’ could show that the autobiography was likely below their taste in literature. If not, so what’s the point? Keeping the phrase ‘so what’ in mind, it can not only help you decipher what stories in your life you would like to use in your autobiography, but also how to show them making them interesting for others too.

THANKS for reading this essay I hope you find it interesting and some what useful, if you’re writing an autobiography that is. I’ll post more soon and have a great day!

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