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Business 2 Lesson 5: How the 3 areas of business apply to a business in your city

The 3 areas of business to which I think Richard was talking about, were service, web-based, and a company. Whenever I think of some well known business like Apple, I think of a company right away. Not only that, it is also applicable online. My first thoughts that come to mind when I think of a Business Apple, I think of it’s CEO/president of the company. And of course the building in which they work at to produce the Apple products. The online and company are both based into the well known business Apple.

Whenever it comes to earning money in the easy way possible, a service business comes to mind. Service business gets applied to any service you can give for people. It could be either tutoring someone, shoveling snow, and just offering assistance in general would fit into a service category. It’s whenever you offer service to someone directly and earn some money in the process.

In the future I hope to create a business in which I find a problem, create a tool to help solve the problem or a product that solves it and so then I can be able to advertise about it. Getting targeted customer’s attention into buying this much needed for them product. To be able to maintain this constant service cycle. I’d say I’m giving people service, having my own company, and maybe having an online service as well. All 3 areas of business get applied to my future (maybe) business.

That’s all for this essay, hope you enjoyed reading it, or at least I hope you’ve learned something from it. Have a great rest of your day and I’ll be posting more next week so stay tuned!

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