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English 2 lesson 5: “Discuss the element of hierarchy in Genesis 1-3.”

My understanding for this topic is how the hierarchy system works in general. Depending on the type, the very top of the hierarchy is usually something that’s above everything else under it. If that didn’t make sense for you, let me clarify this more clearly. The hierarchy system of bible characters would have God on the top, mainly because the bible tells us that God is the creator of universe and it’s clear to us that God is a very powerful being which would put him on the top of this particular system. (this wasn’t mentioned in the lectures) Knowing the bible myself, I already know that God created these other beings called angels. Angels were created as his helpers and his followers, after the creation process these angels would forever worship their almighty God. So, in my opinion, angels are next in line after God. For angels are uniquely created it’s safe to assume that they are next in power and command after God.

After an incident in which one of the angels betrayed God into wanting to be powerful as well, another character is introduced by the name of Satan. I would actually put Satan in the same category as angels, because both beings are equal in power (like again that’s just my opinion). Or since Satan received evil powers he could be stronger than angels due to his upgrade in power. While evil has been around, God had created man. Man is made in the image of God, therefore obtains intelligence. That intelligence is what makes us humans. So, next in hierarchy I would put Man after the angels/Satan category.

With all the characters aside, let’s talk about the system of creation hierarchy. In Genesis, it states that God spoke a word and it came true. He spoke the universe into life and universe was created. By creating the universe the context also adds the creation of light and darkness, so what this verse is saying is that when God creates the universe, darkness and light are made. And that concludes the first day creation. In the hierarchy system of creation this would be on the top as it is the very first thing to be created. When God finished creating the light and darkness, he has called the ending of his creation day 1. On the next day, God created the sky and the sea. He concluded this creation with day 2. Sky and sea is next in line after the first creation. On day 3 God created the lands/mountains and concluded this creation, which would be next in the hierarchy.

When it was time to create something on day 4, God created this cycle in which he called the light day and the darkness night. When the sun rises, day and when the sun goes down, comes night (ok well that’s self explanatory, but saying these moments helps us understand what these verses are trying to tell us). On day 5 (and in my opinion that must be the most time consuming process, but knowing the character of God, he must’ve done this process with no problem) he created all land creatures and then all the sea creatures separately. This creation step process comes after day and night in the hierarchy. Finally, coming to the last step in this creation process, comes day six in which God creates Man and later on Woman of his own image. Let’s recap all this: First day; universe/light and darkness, Second day; sky and sea, Third day; lands mountains, Fourth day; Day/night, Fifth day; Land creatures/Sea creatures, Sixth day; Man/Woman.

In the lectures, day 7 has been mentioned as rest day. Throughout all days God constantly repeats that his creation was good. That verse tells us that after his creation, God was glad by his own work. In this essay I specifically wanted to discuss the 2 types of hierarchy systems of Genesis involving the characters and the creation process. I wanted to share with you (in my opinion) my thoughts on how to place things in my hierarchy chart.

Hello my fellow dear readers, I have come back to post more essays again! Hope you enjoyed my previous posts and learned something from them, as I will start posting again every week. Thankyou for your reading! 😊

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